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About Photos of Crete .com

Photos of Crete .com is all about the Island of Crete, Greece.

Within these pages you can see, hear, read and enjoy all of the wonderful sights sounds, history and culture of Greece's largest island.

Crete is one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers, sun seekers, historical buffs and activity hunters in Europe. Be it the beach, the culture or the mountains you are seeking Crete has it all.


With a connection to the island spanning over 30 years  this site has been created to impart our knowledge, images, videos and tips all relating to the island as a one stop information centre based on honest and unbiased opinions formed from our own experiences of this beautiful and wonderful paradise in the Mediterranean.

Crete is the largest island in Greece and can make for a destination of choice in many different shapes, sizes and desires and as such we aim to steer you to the sights, sounds and places that will make up your dream visit.

We are now using our experiences of owning property in Crete to offer fair, unbiased and impartial flat fee property consultancy and management services which you can check out HERE.


As the site grows your input, videos and information will form a key part of this resource so don't be shy in getting in touch at: or contact us via Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp through our Facebook page to give us your tips send us your photos or videos and get involved.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Photos of Crete .com we hope you enjoy having a look around and come back soon as the site content grows day by day.

You can check out our guides to the island of Crete by clicking HERE.

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Fascinating facts about the island of Crete.....


The island is mentioned for the first time as 'Kaptara.' The name Crete appears in Homer's Odyssey and the island is considered the oldest inhabited part of Europe.


Over 50% of Crete is located at an altitude of more than 500 meters above sea level.


The Lassithi Plateau is the largest flat area of ​​Crete and stands at an altitude of 850 meters.


Crete is 260 km east to west and is 60 km north to south at it's widest point, 12 km at the narrowest point.


There are more than 200 gorges on the island of Crete and the gorge of Samaria is one of the largest in Europe.


There are more than 5000 recorded caves on Crete. Gourgouthaka in the White Mountains is the deepest cave in Greece at 1208 m and is the 44th in depth in the world. There are only 84 caves in the world deeper than 1000 meters.


Most rivers on the island of Crete have water after a heavy rain only.


The coastline of Crete is 1046 km in total length.


The sea water around Crete is so clear that you can see up to 40 meters deep into the ocean.


In 365 BC a catastrophic earthquake raised the western part of Crete up by 9 meters!


There are 34 islands around Crete that are larger than 100 acres.


The highest mountain is in the Psiloritis and stands 2456 meters.


Snow is common in the big mountains from November to May and people ski during the winter.


Every 1,000 years Crete grows 1 cm from the Sahara desert dust brought by the South winds.


In southern Crete birds such as swallows remain all year round.


The distance from the southern coast of Crete to Africa is almost the same as the northern coast is from Europe.


There are over 1750 species of plants in Crete and 160 of them are endemic to the island.


There are over 30,000,000 olive trees on the island of Crete!

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