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Why not get in touch and share your stories, photos and memories of the island of Crete, Greece. We'd love to hear from you! Drop us an email using the contact form below or email us directly your photos to share at


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We love hearing from you at photos of crete .com and hearing your very own Cretan postcards of paradise! Why not get in touch at with your photos & stories, we'll be delighted to share them on our social media platforms and if they are good enough our site right here! The Greek island of Crete lives in all our hearts & what makes this site so special is that this is an unbiased & independent home for all of our collective Cretan stories and images. We want more content from you all & we are happy to offer a link to your Crete related business or project if it's appropriate to do so. Crete is an island of so many possibilities, holidays & experiences that we need your help to reflect it's beauty in all its wonderful glory so why not get in touch and share with us your passion for the island of Crete.

By providing us your images or Crete, Greece related stories you are authorising us to use your material on our site and our social media platforms.

We do not pay for content. Thank you and keep sharing your love for Crete. 

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