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Here at Photos of Crete .com we are all about bringing you the best, most informative content all about the island of Crete, Greece. Check out our exclusive videos right here all Cretan all Crete..

In a brand new series we bring you video guides all on Crete giving you the sights and sounds of Greece's largest island right onto your device in all their colourful and rich Cretan glory.

Our Crete video guide Anna will bring you the very best Crete has to offer with her stunning videos from the island and you can hire Anna's professional video services for your wedding, baptism or business promotion in Crete by contacting her on Facebook by CLICKING HERE

Crete Video Services. Crete Island Greece Wedding / Baptism / Business Video Serices by Anna Vass

We bring you interviews with some of the most interesting and influencial people in Crete Greece. From authors to businesspeople to artists it's all here and all about Crete, Greece.

These two new stunning 4k videos of Crete from Vivi and her partner offer the stunning island of Crete, Greece in all it's 4k glory.

We are all about brining you Cretan Postcards from Paradise and these are certainly that.

Join Vivi on her adventures in Crete and she brings you bother her adventures on the island and the road to Balos for those of you who are curious as to how you reach the famous beach and lagoon at the far West of the island by car.

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Live Events

Rotalex DJ with another fantastic live set in a beautiful seaside setting from Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece. One hour of great music and atmosphere to get you in the Cretan party spirit.

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