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Want to buy a property, home or rental property on the island of Crete Greece?

With over 20 years experience of buying, selling and owning property in Crete we can help you make your dream a reality, and at a price you can afford.

This is Ariadne our home in Crete. We bought her in need of repair in a little village about 15 minutes along he coast from Heraklion. She cost us under 15000 euro. She has 2 bedrooms and we bought her privately avoiding the hugely inflated costs of property agents. WE ARE NOT PROPERTY AGENTS but we have owned homes on the island of Crete for over 20 years and we can help you find your dream home and a price that is affordable and not a dream but a reality. Crete can be more than in your heart but also your home for a price you can afford and we can help you achieve it.

A few months from completing our purchase of Ariadne the renovation of her was well along the way turning her into a cosy family home for our family whilst on the island of Crete. With our connection to local builders and workman in Crete she is now completely new. Walls, floors, windows, bathroom, kitchen, wiring, roof and more all renovated and we can help you make this dream a reality to. Be it permanent or holiday home or even rental business investment we have the contacts and the know how.

Ariadne is finished now and is the 4th property owned by us in Crete and all that have gone before have been privately purchased from local Cretans, purchased through our family lawyer in Crete and renovated by local builders and tradesmen we have got to know and trust over the past 20 years.

If you buy from a real estate agent you will pay the premium they put on the house (often 25-40% inflated) yet you can buy direct from locals at fantastic prices and this is where we can help you not only finding a property in your preferred location at a price that is realistic but also then help you through the process of purchasing the property with our long standing English speaking lawyer. We can then take you right through the journey to a turn key ready to move in property using our local tradesmen contacts on the island to quote and carry our renovations to your taste and budget to create a home that is your dream come true on Crete.

And that's not all because once you have your new Cretan residence just as you want it if you are looking to recoup some of that outlay by renting your home to holiday makers then we offer a full suite of management services to take care of your home whilst you are not in Crete. 

The view from our village is spectacular and it's just a 10 minute drive to long sandy beaches. Just 15 minutes from the airport we took time to find the right spot using our connections and staying true to our budget. Wandering the narrow streets of the old village it's magical to know this is your home forever. We can make this dream your reality with no pressure or demand to buy the homes, use our lawyers or tradesman. We can make it happen at your pace too if you prefer to conduct a project at a slower pace or you want your home ready to enjoy as soon as possible.
Maybe it's a sea view you are yearning for from your bedroom window or a larger home with a pool. Any budget any dream our fees are flat as the service we offer is consultancy, advice and connections. We can build the pathway find you your dream Cretan property use our local legal expertise to make it yours and connect you with local tradesman to turn your new purchase into a reality from your imagination. So if you are seeking any property, legal services or renovation / building work in Crete we can help.

Brexit.. Covid.. Well... Don't worry! We'll help you through legally, safely and with the right help at the right time in the right place including us if you'd like being your eyes and ears on your project to see you through and ensure the result that you want. Whatever your budget we can save you money, avoid the fees, cowboys and lead you through the labyrinth that can be property purchase in Greece. So get in touch by emailing us. We can make your dream a reality.

Your journey to your Cretan dream starts here... Email us at:

We can find you the right property, guide you through the legal purchasing process and then turn your new Cretan dream property into the home you've always wanted. Or you might just want part of our services no problem! We are here to help, assist, advise and guide you with our 20+ years of experience of owning a house in Crete. We are here for you at a flat fee rate so no hidden costs or extras. Get in touch and lets make your dreams and reality together. The Photos of Crete .com team are here to help. Flat fee and without bias or pressure.

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