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Are you looking to buy a house, home or property on the island of Crete, Greece? Do you need legal assistance with purchasing a property in Crete? Or maybe you already have a property in Crete and need a lawyer to manage the legalities of your home on the island? Do you need someone to pay the water or electricity bills for youe property in Crete? Maybe you need a trustworthy local builder in Crete to renovate or repair your property? Or maybe you want to buy a house than needs renovation and work with a local builder to make the house of your dreams? Do you own a property or home in Crete and want to rent it out to holidaymakers to earn some revenue while you are not there and need someone you can trust to manage the property and greet your guests? Well if the answer is yes to any of the above we are here to assist with our complete property services.

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Property Hunters Crete


Property agents.... on Crete.... we are not.

Real estate agents can be of help when purchasing a property on Crete.... and then they can also be an illusive nightmare holding the keys to your dream property whilst you are hundreds or thousands of miles away. The Photos of Crete .com team have owned 4 properties on the island of Crete, Greece over more than 25 years and still own a home in Crete now. The first was purchased though a property agent.... and we've never used one again. Why? Well without going into it all the property cost more than it should (inflated real estate agent prices are a common thing in Crete) plus the agent didn't always answer the phone leaving us worried miles away unable to find out what was going on in person. In addition it took longer than it should to complete the purchase and we felt that once the sale had been agreed the agent was onto making more sales and the complex Greek legal system and it's need for attention & care to ensure a smooth transaction became a lower priority.

Using our own personal experiences over many years with property transactions on the island we have set up our complete bespoke & independent flat fee services that give you the inside track on buying a property in Crete, Greece with you in control, and with our inside knowledge we will property hunt on your behalf for houses / villas / commercial property or apartments that are being sold directly by the owner. No inflated agents fees and then once a sale is agreed you will be dealing directly with the seller and their lawyer yourself. We'll find the properties and organise viewings for you or if you'd prefer we'll go and take photos / videos for you so you can see what the property is really like before making the trip to view in person. We'll even negotiate a purchase on your behalf if you'd like us to all for a flat fee with no bias, no inflation of sale costs and if you don't want to buy after all no problem, no pressure and no issue. Our connections on the island of Crete will find you properties within your budget and continue to help you with arrangements until such a time as your purchase is... or isn't agreed. With over 20 years of buying property in Crete experience we know who to speak to, where to look and how to get you to the opportunity to buy the property for you at the right price.

We don't take or charge commission from the owner or you, this is a simple independent flat fee property hunting in Crete service and our Crete property hunter services are employed and paid for by you so we are on your side looking for the best property to suit your budget and ambitions, and our fees wont escalate the bigger or more expensive the house / villa/ bar or apartment you purchase becomes. 

This is our pledge to you. Houses can be inexpensive in Crete if you know where to look and where to go to find them so let us use our years of experience to escape inflated agent property prices and fees and make your Cretan dreams a reality.

Get in touch with us using he EQUIRY FORM BELOW HERE to begin our property hunting services to make your dreams or business ambitions in Crete a reality.




Legal Services

So you've agreed to purchase a property on the island of Crete, Greece. What next?!

Well just like at home you are now going to need a good & trustworthy property lawyer. And not just a lawyer but a lawyer who speaks your native tongue (and Greek) along with local experience & legal knowhow of the property system to ensure that your new property purchase in Crete is completed professionally & is 100% owned by you and completely legal.

Most property agents work with a lawyer and will push you to use their trusted lawyer (because they get a kick back)... but think about it... you are about to make a huge investment in an overseas country and now you are doubling your faith in the property agent and their circle of contacts.


Well we got very lucky when we found our own lawyer in Crete. Not only is she a hugely friendly & helpful person who speaks great English but in addition she is meticulous in making sure that not only is your new property completely legal within the complex Greek laws but also takes times to ensure that you fully understand your obligations. 

All 4 properties we have bought (plus 3 sales) on the island of Crete have been dealt by our lawyer and whilst the Greek system and local Cretan family politics have at times caused delays as far as our lawyer is concerned she has been absolutely superb. 

So I explained to her that we were beginning our property services and we were absolutely delighted that she agreed to offer her expert long standing and hugely trustworthy and professional legal services as part of our offer. 

So how does it work? 

Well if we hunt a property for you and you want us to put our lawyer in contact with you for a flat fee we'll set up the contact and then back out if you want us to. Then your legal fees for your purchase and ongoing relationship & communication with one of the best lawyers on the island of Crete for buying and selling property is yours. You'll have direct contact with her and we'll only have an involvement if you want us to along the way. If you do want us to be involved or maybe visit a legal office as your eyes and ears in Crete then we are happy to do this also as part of our services so you don't have to worry. 

We've been through the Cretan & Greek property purchase process four times over 25 years and we know what's involved and if you would like us to we can invest that knowledge and assist in the conveyance of your new property once again at flat fee transparent rates.

Purchasing a property in Crete, Greece in this manner is in our experience so much better than a property agent as you are talking directly with your lawyer and in turn she is contacting you directly too. No second hand lost in translation conversations with a 3rd party agent and you'll know exactly what's going in with your purchase because you are speaking directly with your own Cretan & Greek legal expert who is working directly for you.

Of course if you don't want to use our lawyer then that's your call too, no pressure no obligation no hassle. We don't think you'll find a better property lawyer on the island but if you want us to find you a property then leave the rest to you that's cool too. 

The great thing about our services is that they are flat fee, transparent and you can take up or leave any of the aspects of our services as you see fit. 

In addition to buying or selling legal services in Crete if you own a property on the island there are annual taxes to pay along with your bills, and our legal services cover all of these aspects once again at a flat fee rate. So if you've got a property in Crete already and you need a lawyer to manage some of your affairs then we can help too, and once again you'll be dealing directly with the lawyer so no third party conversations and no hassle. Brexit concerns or queries on changing Greek property laws can be dealt with to. We are independent and apart from our flat fee get no kick backs or commission from your legal dealings with our on board lawyer, and we can't recommend her highly enough in 25 years and 7 property transactions she has always been nothing but helpful, friendly and highly professional.

To find out more about our legal services use our ENQUIRY FORM HERE.


Property Renovation
repair / maintenance

So you've purchased an older house, apartment, villa or commercial property on the island of Crete, Greece and it's requires renovation or repairs? Or you already own a property in Crete and it needs some small or large works? Maybe an extension or improvements? A new kitchen or bathroom in your Cretan home? Or maybe you are not there all year round and you'd like someone to paint your house or conduct some ongoing property maintenance?

With over 25 years experience of owning property on the island of Crete the Photos of Crete .com team has had cause to employ local Cretan tradesman to conduct all of the above works. We've used a number of builders and fitters on the island and with our first purchase we made the mistake of allowing the property agent to recommend his 'trusted' builder. 

When you have a property in Crete over many years your afforded the opportunity to immerse into the local community and word of mouth brought us to quality local tradesmen just as you might do at home, and after a while you find ones you not only trust but you build a relationship with. And as part of our services we are offering to you our years of experience and knowledge to bring you our team of tried and tested Cretan tradesmen to your new property, ongoing project or home in Crete.

As with all our other services our fees are flat so they'll be no 'cut' of the building work costs as with a property agent. We'll put you in touch with the right local skilled tradesman for a flat fee then the relationship will be between you and the tradesmen directly. Within our team of local Cretan tradesman & fitters we have skilled craftsmen that speak fantastic English & German and the team completely renovated our own house from top to bottom. Our small village home was a ruin! A small but lovable mess and now it's top to bottom new, fresh, smart, comfy and renovated to our desires, budget and spec. 

This is the 3rd time we've appointed these tradesman to work on our property in Crete and every time it's been a positive and professional experience. 

If you're asking us to property hunt for you on the island with properties that need renovation in mind to create your dream in a bespoke way then our local Cretan tradesman can quote on your renovation works and in turn manage the project from the initial consultation to handing you the key to your new holiday home completed, and we're not talking about a large construction company our guys are local experienced Cretan village tradesman who understand the nature and complications of properties in Crete be it residential or commercial small or big, and have experience of working on projects from small village homes to larger hotel complexes.

Our part is a flat fee introduction to the right local tradesman and nothing more with no obligation. But if you want us to help liaise on your ongoing project we are happy to help. It's up to you with no pressure and no obligation, & if you're making structural or significant layout changes to your Cretan property our lawyer can also advise on the required permits & documents to make your building works and property absolutely legal.

If you already own a property in Crete & are looking for additional building works or anything from a new kitchen to air conditioning we can help with anything property works related and that includes ongoing regular maintenance, upkeep & painting.


If you've spent any considerable time immersing yourself in Cretan life then you'll know the local people are both welcoming and hugely warm to visitors, and it's these same local people we can help you with to work on your property to achieve your dreams.


To find out more about our building & maintenance services use our ENQUIRY FORM HERE


Property Management

So you've achieved your Cretan property dreams and have a home on the island but when you're not there you'd like to earn some revenue from your home by renting it our to holidaymakers.

Or you've bought a property in Crete as a business investment and it's part of your plan to earn a revenue from your investment by making it available to guests throughout the season.

If you are going to rent out your property on Airbnb, Vrbo, Hometogo,,, Trip Advisor or any other online holiday letting site then you'll need a trusted team to manage your bookings on your property on the island of Crete.

From greeting your guests to changing the sheets, checking for damage, cleaning the property, removing any rubbish, property maintenance and upkeep along with having someone on hand for any emergency repairs that may arise you also want someone around to keep an eye on your property and your guests.

Well we can help with this too!

We have several seasons of experience of holiday letting our own property in Crete and have built relationships of trust with experts on the island that take care of properties for rent as their business and living. With a warm and friendly approach they will greet your guests and welcome them to your property whilst keeping in touch as and when your guests require them whilst keeping your property in a clean and good order whilst changing towels and sheets between guest stays.

When you choose to rent out your property on a web platform you'll normally charge a service fee to your guests that covers the cost of cleaning, towels, sheets and consumables, and you are then free to relax in the knowledge that your property & guests are in our teams professional & trustworthy hands whilst you earn revenue from your property when you can't be there.

Our specialist management team have years of experience ensuring that your guests have the very best experience whilst staying in your home away from home in Crete, and our fees for managing the letting of your Cretan property are flat per stay so you can build a nightly fee and service charge that ensures your earning revenue from your Cretan base whilst you aren't there.


And if you'd rather not manage your bookings on Airbnb or other letting sites then we can even do this for you too, you just let us know when you, your friends or family are staying at your property and we'll block these days out as not available for other guests to book.

If you've been thinking about earning revenue from your property in Crete, Greece from holiday letting it and need a team on the island that you can trust with your property and your guests then don't hesitate to get in touch and find out more by completing the ENQUIRY FORM HERE.


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Our holiday let management services for your property. Meet / Greet / Clean / Service.

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One off repairs or ongoing property maintenance services / Bill paying / Odd jobs.



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