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New Crete Based Novel Review: The Forgotten Song

On the back of the success of his most recent novel 'Return to Turtle Beach' and 'The Lost Lyra' Richard Clark brings Crete alive once again in his latest book 'The Forgotten Song.'

We love Richard's work at Photos of Crete .com and not just because of his absorbing storylines. Clark consistently displays his unique capability to bring the island of Crete alive with his writing. As you read the pages of the author's growing catalogue of fictional titles (all based on the island of Crete) you are transported to Greece's largest and most beautiful island in a hugely endearing manner. For those moments (wherever in the world you might be) in your sitting room or garden chair reading Richard Clark's novels you are in an instant whisked to the scents of Cretan herbs and that welcome feeling of a warm breeze to your face. The view is no longer your sofa but a striking dead calm deep blue sea or a village with it's narrow streets and welcoming people.

Richard Clark's new novel The Forgotten Song is set in Crete and features Elounda, Heraklion, Kritsa, Rethymno and more of Greece's largest island.
Elounda, Crete, Greece features in Richard Clark's new novel 'The Forgotten Song'

At Photos of Crete .com we are absolutely independent and impartial with all that we write and bring to you and our endorsement of anybody's work or efforts (always Crete based) is only because we think it's good. We strive to bring you more Crete based material that affords you (like us) to immerse yourself deeper into the island. In these challenging times hopping on a plane and whisking yourself to the real thing is difficult and we simply don't know when that will change so if you need a 'Cretan escape' from the comfort of your own home pick up a Richard Clark novel and be transported, if only for a little while, into the warm arms of the island we all love.

Richard's newest novel The Forgotten Song hits both Kindle and bookshop shelves in February and is the author's latest tale set on the island of Crete. The story interweaves between emotion, relationships, family and of course Crete, and here's a taster of the coming tale:

'Musician Phoebe's life is falling apart, her marriage and career in tatters. A longing in her heart left by the absence of the father she has never known has brought her to rock bottom. Following in her mother's footsteps, can a visit to the island of Crete help rekindle her love for life and music?'

The Venetian old port of Rethymno Town in Crete Greece is such a pretty place to walk or sit and have a drink or meal, and the stunning town of Rethymno features in Richard Clark's new novel 'The Forgotten Song.'
Rethymno, Crete, Greece also features in Clark's latest novel 'The Forgotten Song' la

Bestselling author Patricia Wilson on 'The Forgotten Song':

‘Another extraordinary story by Richard Clark. As ‘The Forgotten Song’ unfolds, the author takes us on an emotional journey of courage, and love. Greek history comes to life with the troubled times of the Seventies. As always, the author takes us to Crete with such powerful descriptions it’s easy to visualise the country and live the story. An entirely captivating tale from cover to cover.’

Clark's long career as a travel writer for national newspapers and magazines along with his successful travel book series laid the foundation to the creation of this series of superb novels based on the island of Crete where he worked and lived for many years and still has a home to this day.

At Photos of Crete .com we'd highly recommend a read if you love Crete, need a little escapism and want to feel that essence of the island especially whilst we can't be there. And when we can at last get back to Crete again then 'The Forgotten Song' and Richard's other titles make a superb sunbed companion for the lapping Cretan shores of a sandy sun soaked beach.

Here enjoying the Bay of Korfos near his home on the island of Crete Richard Clark's relationship and love for the island of Crete stretches back over several decades. Having written both travel books and novels all about Greece's largest island Clark is one of Crete's most comprehensive writers in the English language.
Author Richard Clark has a love and association with Crete that stretches over decades.

Richard Clark is a writer, editor and journalist who has worked on an array of national newspapers and magazines in the UK. In 1982, on a whim, he decided to up sticks and live on the Greek island of Crete. So began a love affair that has continued to this day, and he still visits the Greek islands, where he has a home, on a regular basis. In 2016, he gave up the daily commute to London to become a full-time author. He is married with two grown up children and three grandchildren, and lives in Kent, UK.

Other reviews of other books by Richard Clark:

‘Clark is particularly good on the colours, flavours and scents of Greece. He has got under the skin of the place in a way few outsiders have been able to.’ Mark Hudson, winner of Somerset Maugham Award, Thomas Cook Travel Book Award, Samuel Johnson Prize Richard Clark captures the spirit of Greece I love. His books make me long to see the places he describes.’ Jennifer Barclay, author of Falling in Honey, An Octopus in My Ouzo and Wild Abandon ‘There is poetry in Richard Clark’s words and through his eyes. I recommend anyone missing Greece, visiting Greece or just wishing they could go to Greece to take a look!’ Sara Alexi, author of The Greek Village Series

‘Thanks, Richard, for adding your great eye to your gifted pen in service to sharing the essence of Greece with the world!’ Jeffrey Siger, bestselling, award-winning US crime writer ‘Richard Clark writes with great authority and a deep affection for his subject, which comes from his long association with Greece… excellent.’ Marjory McGinn, author of Things Can Only Get Feta, Homer’s Where the Heart Is, A Scorpion in the Lemon Tree and A Saint for the Summer and How Greek is Your Love ‘Return to Turtle Beach is a heart-warming story that will transport you to the enchanting island of Crete.’ Maria A. Karamitsos, My Greek Books

You can grab Richard's Crete based novels and travel books: HERE

And here's a link to the author's latest book 'The Forgotten Song' and his other Cretan titles

Crete related Books by Richard Clark:

The Greek Islands – A Notebook

Crete – A Notebook (also available in Greek)

Hidden Crete – A Notebook

More Hidden Crete – A Notebook

Eastern Crete – A Notebook

Richard Clark’s Greek Islands Anthology

We hope that you, like us, enjoy 'The Forgotten Song' and enjoy that true Cretan essence that is so vivid and unique to Richard Clark's writing.

Photos of Crete bring you our unbiased and honest guides to the island of Crete, Greece. We've had a connection to the island for over 30 years and we have called on our own personal experiences to bring you what we think is important and our opinions on how to get the best from your stay as we write guides about each and every aspect of visiting the largest of the Greek islands... Crete. We have a SHOP and we also offer PROPERTY CONSULTANCY & MANAGEMENT within Crete so don't forget to take a look and have a wander about the entire PHOTOS OF CRETE SITE. Thanks for reading.

© Simon Mcilvenna 2021 Photos of Crete

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